Experience abroad despite the corona pandemic

Laura Malavé on the university campus in Munich, Pasing (Foto: privat)
Laura Malavé on the university campus in Munich, Pasing (Foto: privat)


Laura Malavé came to Munich in March for her Erasmus stay


When Laura Malavé started her Erasmus exchange in March, she picked a very bad time. Munich went into lockdown. Nevertheless, the student of social work decided not to fly back home to Madrid, Spain. Here she reports on how her experience abroad is turning out in this special situation.


HM: How did Corona and the lockdown affect your Erasmus stay?

Laura Malavé: My family actually wanted to visit me in May or June, but they couldn't come. Video calls with my Spanish friends are not really a substitute for personal meetings, but flying to Spain is very expensive at the moment. I also miss going to university and making new contacts as usual. However, I still got to know nice people here, which makes me happy. I like the content of my courses, but online learning is stressful and boring. I have more time for myself than usual and therefore I tried out new hobbies, for example meditation. At the beginning, I was very motivated, but now I would like to do more activities with other international students.


Sightseeing Marienplatz in Munich
Sightseeing Marienplatz in Munich

Why did you decide to do an Erasmus stay at MUAS?

I learnt a little German at school and I would like to improve this knowledge. My sister did her Erasmus at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and had good experiences. I also like the way the social work programs in Germany are organized.


What was your most interesting study experience so far?

The professors are very helpful, especially Prof. Patricia Arnold. I haven't met that many students personally, but some of them look after me. I also participated online in the "Virtual Social Europe Week” and the "Global Sessions 2020”. That was wonderful.


How long will you stay in Munich?

At first, I only wanted to stay until July. Due to the current situation, I will probably stay until August, but that depends on how the situation in Germany and Spain develops. I would like to visit more cities in Germany.



Interview by Mirja Fürst